Directorate of Industry Affairs (D/IA)
  1. Analyze and determine Tariffs, Rates, Commissions and other charges for communications services;
  2. Manage operations of the Tele-traffic Monitoring System (TTMS);
  3. Monitor Communication Industry and regulatory development likely to affect the Authority’s responsibilities;
  4. Determine communication markets and assess competition in the markets
  5. Carry out periodic survey and analysis of macroeconomic trends and development pertaining to Communications Industry;
  6. Handle the operations of the mobile money monitoring platform;
  7. Manage the Central Equipment Identification Register (CEIR) and SIM card registration database;
  8. Make periodical statistical analysis and interpretations on trends of communication indicators
Directorate of Licensing and Enforcement (D/LE)
  1. Oversee the development, implementation and review of Regulations, Rules, and Guidelines for licensing and regulations of communication services;
  2. Manage licensing, compliance and Consumer Affairs Processes;
  3. Provide advice on Licensing and Enforcement matters;
  4. Formulate work programmes for the compliance to License Conditions and supervise implementation;
  5. Prepare and manage programs on public and consumer awareness issues;
  6. Oversee preparations and implementation of complaints handling mechanisms;
  7. Provide Secretariat Services to the TCRA Board, Content and Complaints Committees;
  8. Liaise with TCRA Consumer Consultative Council on Consumer issues,
  9. Coordinate activities of Regional and International Organizations related to ACRAN matters.
Directorate of ICT and Application Services (D/ICTAS)
  1. Formulate and coordinate implementation of policies on information and communications technologies development;
  2. Formulate Standards, Procedures, Rules, Guidelines and Regulations for operating communication networks, systems and services;
  3. Formulate work programmes of the Directorate, supervises and coordinates implementation and evaluates performance;
  4. Develop and implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI);
  5. Oversee the operations of Tz-CERT;
  6. Oversee the operation of Communications Museum;
  7. Oversee the implementation of issues related to Cyber Security;
  8. Oversee Corporate ICT function;
  9. Coordinate activities of Regional and International Organizations responsible for regulated sectors development pertaining to Technology and Standards
Directorate of Corporate Resources Management (D/CRM)
  1. Formulate and coordinate implementation Financial and Human Resource Policies and Procedures;
  2. Formulate Procedures, Rules, Guidelines and Regulations for effective and efficient management of human and financial resources in the Authority;
  3. Formulates Policies and Procedures for efficient and effective systems of administration;
  4. Provide expertise and technical advice on finance management to the Authority;
  5. Oversee preparation and implementations of the Authority’s Strategic and the Annual Action Plans, and Budgets and conduct mid-term reviews of Strategic Plans and budgets;
  6. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of Strategic and Annual Plans of the Authority;
  7. Formulates standards, processes and standard operation procedures for managing Human Resources through establishment of Authority’s Staff and Financial Regulations, Accounting Manual;
  8. Coordinates External Audit Activities within the Authority;
  9. Serve as Secretary to the Appointment, Disciplinary and Review Committee;
  10. Oversee preparation of overall Authority’s Performance Reports.
  11. Prepare Management Reports in the areas of Human and Financial Resources Management, Provision of Administrative Service and Overall implementation of the Authority’s Plans;
  12. Coordinate development of long and short term plans and budgets for the Authority and oversee the implementation of the same;
  13. Coordinate Periodic and Annual Performance Appraisal in respect of officers in the Directorate;
  14. Oversee Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Authority Function and Projects;
  15. Provide ITU Focal Point services.