Director General's Office Corporate Communications Unit
  1. Coordinate and organize Public Relations Events;
  2. Prepare promotional materials which offer user-friendly services for awareness and marketing purposes and ensure accuracy, clarity and style;
  3. Prepares articles, reports and other publications;
  4. Writes and Edit in-house magazine as well as maintain and update TCRA Website and Social Media Accounts;
  5. Monitor public perception about the Authority by analyzing media coverage on TCRA, stakeholders and advise the management accordingly;
  6. Manage relations with Media;
  7. Manage Corporate Social Responsibility Budget and review applications for support;
  8. Identify Media Programs, Columns, and Publications suitable for the dissemination of TCRA information;
  9. Manage linkages with other stakeholders and coordination of protocol functions and events of TCRA; and
  10. Oversee the function of Authority Library.