Director General's Office Legal Service Unit
  1. Provide strategic legal advice and assistance;
  2. Serve as Secretary to the Management and Board meetings;
  3. Custodian of Legal Documents and Seal of the Authority;
  4. Draft Legal Documents of the Authority;
  5. Manage and co-ordinate the Authority’s litigation and other legal proceedings to which the Authority is party;
  6. Reviews and Vet Rules, Guidelines, Regulations and related material pertaining to the Authority’s statutory functions/powers;
  7. Participate in all negotiations that requires legal expertise and represent the Authority in Court Proceedings and Tribunals;
  8. Represent the Authority in arbitration and re-conciliation;
  9. Coordinates activities of regional and international organizations responsible for regulated sectors development pertaining to Policy and Legal /Regulatory Matters;
  10. Coordinate relationships with external providers of legal services on an ongoing basis.