Director General's Office Risk Management Unit
  1. Develop Risk Framework for the assessment and evaluation of the Authority’s risk exposure related to safety, physical security, data security, regulatory compliance, processes/Operations, accounting, finance and other Risks as may be determined;
  2. Carry out Corporate Risk Assessment and advise the management as required;
  3. Prepare Risk Manuals to be used in risk identification and mitigation;
  4. Perform risk analysis for new projects supervisory methodologies, products and services, processes and systems;
  5. Prepare status report on mitigation status of pre-identified potential risks areas;
  6. Conduct assessment of risk mitigation measures undertaken by various Directorates and Units and advice accordingly;
  7. Advice on effectiveness of mitigation measures/procedures undertaken by the Authority;
  8. Undertake periodic reviews on compliance issues;
  9. Monitor the implementation of risk response strategies;
  10. Collate, aggregate, interpret and analyze risk reports from the whole Authority and compile required reports; and
  11. Ensures that risk-management is integrated across the Authority.