Corporate Communications Unit

Corporate Communications Unit
The corporate communications unit has the following functions :-

  • Prepares programmes to enhance the image of the Authority to the public, and ensures that such programmes are carried out properly in accordance with the corporate plan;
  • In collaboration with heads of department provides information requested by members of the press and the general public and ensures that the information provided is correct and vetted by senior officers;
  • Consults heads of department and prepares replies to questions from the Press;
  • Liaises with relevant department and respond to complains from customers of regulated entities;
  • Liaises with departments and assist in editing of adverts and notices for publication in the press
  • Ensures that the Authority‚Äôs newsletter is published regularly in accordance with the approved schedule;
  • Prepares publicity articles such as calendars etc as may be determined by the Management;
  • Promotes positive image of the Authority through maintenance of close liaison with the Press to ensure that the latter is aware of the functions of the Authority and keep them appraised on various developments taking place in the sector;
  • Provides protocol services in events organised by the Authority;

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