Department: Information Communication Technology

The Department of Information Communication Technology has the following functions:-

Information Technology and Standard

  • Encourage introduction of new Information and Communications Technologies and services through proper planning of required resources;
  • Test, approve, certify and register all regulated ICT equipment in the country;
  • Establish technical standards of the electronic communications equipment and monitor its implementation and participate in ITU’s standardisation activities;
  • Planning and management of telecommunication numbering, identification and routing resources;;
  • Collaborate with counterpart Departments of other regulatory authorities and entities responsible for Info-Communication matters at the regional and global level with objective of developing policy and strategies for promotion of ICT development in the country;
  • In collaboration with other Departments conduct researches and studies on ICT development  in order to improve quality of service in the country;
  • Co-ordinate e-applications and cyber security issues in the United Republic of Tanzania;
  • Promote ICT awareness in the country;
  • Harmonise functions of cross cutting issues of ICT in the country;
  • Oversight of the country domain (TZ) names register;
  • To encourage operators to design and develop a national ICT data base;
  • Monitor and analyze Teletraffic volumes trends and maintain IMEI/ESN registers in the country

Spectrum Management

  • Participate in processing licence applications by prospective radio frequency users;
  • Plan and allocate spectrum resources to user sectors ;
  • Development of national frequency band plan and register;
  • Management of the National frequency spectrum resources in accordance with National priorities as spelt out in the corresponding legal and regulatory frame work, complemented by relevant  instruments of policy directions. Spectrum monitoring and inspection;
  • Co-ordinating and monitoring registries of frequency assignments, both locally and with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU);
  • Advise the Director General on spectrum management issues;
  • Developing a mechanism to ensure an efficient and optimum utilisation of the spectrum resource;
  • Reconcile ITU regulations on usage of spectrum with the National frequency band plan;
  • Monitor and resolve reported harmful interference between operators;
  • Consult with other regulatory authorities on issues pertaining to frequency spectrum allocation and assignment;
  • Carry out studies aimed at establishing/forecast demand for radio frequency spectrum;

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