Department: Legal Services

The Department of Legal Services has the following functions:-
Legal Services

  • Administration of the Board matters including providing Secretarial services to the Board.
  • To serve as custodian of the Authority instruments.
  • To handle corporate legal issues including representing the Authority in matters of litigations.
  • To provide legal advice to the management in relation to TCRA corporate matters.
  • To coordinate preparation of Board meetings.
  • To serve as the secretariat to the Management and Tender Board meetings.
  • To provide appropriate interpretations of statutes, international and local agreements relating to the functions of the Authority.

License and Enforcement

  • Process licence applications in collaboration with other departments;
  • Arranges for presentation of business and technical presentations of licence applicants;
  • Evaluates licence applications;
  • Drafts licences in collaboration with other departments;
  • Follows up with the Ministry of Infrastructure development on consultation on licence applications as required under 6 (3) of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority Act, 2003;
  • Enforces licence conditions;
  • Carries out Review of Licensing regulations, rules and guidelines;
  • Carries out periodic inspections of operators;

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20 Sam Nujoma Road
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