Department: Postal Affairs

Department of Postal Affairs is charged with the following functions:-

  • Provision by postal services operators of sufficient, reliable and efficient postal services throughout the country;
  • In collaboration with Department of Consumer and Industrial Affairs, process licence applications for postal services operators;
  • Manage postal codes and the national address system;
  • Identify appropriate technologies, systems and methods for widening the access to postal services in rural and disadvantaged areas;
  • In collaboration with Department of Consumers and Industrial Affairs, advise the Authority on appropriate rates and charges of basic postal service;
  • Promote competition among postal service providers;
  • Monitor compliance with performance standards and codes of conduct in respect of postal services;
  • In collaboration with Department of Consumers and Industry Affairs, act as arbitrator in conflicts involving operators or between operators and customers within the sector;
  • Monitor performance of courier services in the country;
  • Provide advice to the Authority on postal matters;
  • Administer implementation of National Postal Policy .
  • Provide a link between Tanzania regional and international postal organisations;
  • Undertake performance audit of the Public Postal Operator.
  • In collaboration Department of Consumers and Industrial Affairs, and other institutions carry out researches with objectives of innovating new technologies and improving quality and efficiency of service in the postal sector.
  • Oversee Management of the postal archives/museum;
  • Issue guidelines on postage stamps including definitive, commemorative and special issues of postage stamps and any other philatelic items;

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