Department: Corporate Resource Management

The Department of Corporate Resource Management has the following functions:-

Human Resource and Administration

  • Develop policies and procedures on human resources management and development; remuneration scheme and salary administration system; pension and personnel retirement procedures; succession plan; staff welfare; and manage corporate transport system;
  • Issue circulars as and when necessary, pertaining to Staff and Financial Regulations and Tender Board Procedures;
  • Coordinate implementation of the training plan and staff advancement programme;
  • To formulate staff incentive schemes;
  • Administer the staff performance management system;
  • Development and implementation of schemes of service;
  • Maintenance of personnel registers and personnel administrative systems;
  • In collaboration with consumer Departments formulate human resources development plans.
  • Promote and manage good industrial relations;
  • To serve as secretary to the appointments and disciplinary committee;
  • To develop strategies to govern efficient portfolio management;


  • Take care of the security of the Authority's property and information;
  • Collection of license fees and other payments due to the Authority as provided for in the legislation, financial regulations and the operating licences.
  • To operate bank accounts in accordance with the financial regulation;
  • To exercise efficient management of the assets register and management of stores;
  • To prepare the annual budget and control of expenditure;
  • To prepare financial statements for auditing and annual report of the TCRA;
  • To formulate an accounting manual for the Authority;
  • Liaising with the External Auditors in relation to the auditing of the Authority accounts;
  • Serve as the secretariat to the Tender Board and manage procurement processes;
  • To develop strategies to govern efficient portfolio management;
  • Management of the Authority's estate;
  • Formulate and enforce compliance with  staff and financial regulations;

 Library and Information Systems

  • Management of Library and Information Systems Unit;
  • Formulate and implement the Authority's information systems strategy;
  • Manage the Authority's computer network;
  • Develop network standards and procedures for implementation;
  • Design, set up and manage the Authority's intranet;
  • Manage and maintain the Authority Website;
  • Design and implement operational techniques and procedures in order to ensure proper utilisation of IT services and resources;
  • Advice management on releases of new and relevant software applicable to the Authority;
  • Provide training to members of staff on new IT applications introduced in the Authority and best practice in operating computers;
  • Develop policies and procedures pertaining to library management;

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