Department: Consumer and Industry Affairs

The Department of Consumer and Industry Affairs has the following functions:-

Tariffs &Industry Affairs

  • Monitor market behaviour, competition and pricing by commercial providers of communication services;
  • Undertake systematic market studies, assessments and comparison of pricing of communication services, nationally and internationally;
  • Intervene, act and use the regulatory powers conferred under the TCRA Act to influence pricing of services in the interest of the consumers;
  • Collect, process, analyze and organize data about markets, products, services, service providers, etc.;
  • Analyze and determine tariff, rates, commissions and other charges for communications services;
  • Monitor communications Industry and Regulatory development likely to affect the Authority's responsibilities;
  • Coordinate research projects;
  • Inform the market and the general public on the state of the communication sector in the country;
  • Assist the Director General in formulating the corporate plan spelling out the Authority's long and short term plans, programs and operating strategies;
  • Undertake Economic and Financial analysis of business plans submitted by operators/potential operators to the Authority for approval;
  • Carry out periodic analysis of macroeconomic trends and developments pertaining to the communication sector in the country and advise the Authority accordingly;

 Consumer Affairs

  • Prepare and execute programs to enhance consumer awareness to the public as a way of empowering consumers;
  • Consult sector departments in responding to enquiries on general consumer issues;
  • Handle and resolve consumers’ complaints and disputes;
  • Coordinate functions of the complaints committee as secretariat;
  • Serve as a focal point between the Consumer Consultative council and the Authority with respect to consumer awareness and as a link with the Authority;
  • Follow up on matters of consumer concern raised through various media and update the Authority accordingly;
  • Carry out products and services tests to ascertain quality and availability of services provided by service providers;
  • Co-ordinate with Fair Competition Commission on competition issues directly affecting consumers;
  • Regularly examine and test consumer systems of operators to ensure accessibility;

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