License Application Procedures and Processes
    The Application for licences for provision of network facility services, network services, Applications services and content services nationally, will require stringent and rigorous scrutiny by the Authority as follows

  1. The Authority shall periodically announce in the media a deadline for submission of applications.
  2. Applications received shall be categorised into respective licence categories; network facility services, network services, application services and content services and corresponding market segments; International, National, Regional, District and Community.
  3. Received applications shall be scrutinised to establish whether they have all required attachments viz: receipt of application fee, duly filled application form, business plan, roll out plan, company registration, Information on technical proposal of the service to be provided, Information on the previous experience, company profile.
  4. Applicants who do not comply shall be notified to submit appropriate required documents. Complied applicants shall be notified accordingly.
  5. The Authority shall conduct detailed evaluations of the applications basing on pre-determine criteria for each category of license.
  6. The list of applicants shall be published in widely circulated newspapers and posted in the Authority's website to invite public comments.
  7. The Evaluation team shall convene to assess public comments against the applications including interviewing the applicant if deemed necessary
  8. Recommendations of the Evaluation team shall be forwarded to the Management for decision making
  9. Recommendations of the Management shall be submitted to the Board for approval.
  10. Recommendations of the Board shall be submitted to the Minister for consultation .
  11. Licenses shall be granted to successful applicants upon payment of appropriate fee (Initial fee, frequency user fee, numbering etc).
  12. The Application processes are summarised in a diagram (in Pdf format). Click here to download