Smart Africa Alliance-One Network Area, for Tanzania and Rwanda

Smart Africa Alliance-One Network Area, for Tanzania and Rwa...


Tanzania and Rwanda stand to benefit from low cost in communication services under a special programme known as Smart Africa-One Network Area that involve Alliance among Developing Countries in Africa.

Speaking during the visit of the Rwandan Minister for Information, Communication Technology and Innovation Ms Paula Ingabire, who was accompanied by, Tanzanian counter-part host Dr. Faustine Ndugulile on 16-7-2021 in Dar Es Salaam, the Rwandan Government Chief Innovation Officer Antione Sebera said the costly roaming charges will be scraped-off   under the alliance system.

Mr Sebera said Tanzania and Rwanda will collaborate are harmonising communication services under the Smart Africa Alliance Programme that will also benefit all East African Communication Organisation (EACO) Member States as part of Developing countries.

Addressing the press after the Joint Tanzania-Rwanda Communication Ministers bilateral relations discussions Dr.  Faustine Ndugulile said as a Hubble of Communication Services for East and Central Africa, Tanzania and Rwanda have unanimously agreed to collaborate on improvement of communication infrastructures so as to deliver quality, reliable communication services.

He said the two countries will also collaborate on Human Resource capacity building and Technical Experts Exchange Programme that will complement the long cherished bilateral relations between the two countries.

Dr. Ndugulile identified other areas of bilateral relations collaboration as coordination of FM and TV Frequency Spectrum Planning, collaboration in preparations of different Regulations and Guidelines for communication services and Preparations of ITU World Radio Communications Conferences (WRC).

The Rwandan Minister for Information, Communication Technology and Innovation Ms Paula Ingabire thanked the United Republic of Tanzania for the cordial welcome, adding that the two countries are determined to build a reliable Digital Economy that would accelerate development in the two countries.

Minister Paula said ICT sector has a cross-cutting benefit to people from all walks of life and to almost all sectors country-wide contributing to improved living standards of people with sustainable development countries concerned. 

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