Tanzania Extends Warm Welcome to Global Experts for IoT and Smart Cities Discourse

Tanzania Extends Warm Welcome to Global Experts for IoT and...


The ITU-T Study Group 20, entrusted with establishing standards pertaining to Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities and communities, has kicked off its sessions in the picturesque city of Arusha, Tanzania. Scheduled from September 11 to 22, 2023, these meetings unite luminaries from across the globe to delve into the latest advancements in these domains and to craft novel standards.

The inaugural ceremony, held on September 11, witnessed the presence of Hon. Engineer Kundo Mathew, MP, Deputy Minister of Information, Communication, and Information Technology of the United Republic of Tanzania. In his opening remarks, Hon. Kundo underscored the pivotal role of IoT and smart cities in Tanzania's progress, and beyond.

"The adoption of IoT and smart city solutions has the potential to enhance governmental services' efficiency, elevate citizens' quality of life, and usher in fresh economic prospects," Hon. Kundo stated. "We are unwavering in our commitment to collaborating with other nations, fostering knowledge exchange and disseminating best practices in these realms," he affirmed and added: “we cordially welcome you dear delegates to Tanzania.”

The agenda for the meetings encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including the latest breakthroughs in IoT technology, the integration of IoT in smart cities and communities, standardisation of IoT and smart city technologies, fortification of IoT and smart city systems' security and privacy, and the socio-economic advantages associated with these innovations. These deliberations are poised to yield a plethora of new standards, expediting the development and implementation of IoT and smart city technologies.

In addition to Hon. Kundo's address, Dr. Jabiri Bakari, the Director General of Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), extended a warm welcome to ITU-T Study Group 20 sessions. He emphasized the profound significance of these meetings for the communications regulator and expressed optimism regarding their potential to bolster the nation's digital economy.

"ITU-T Study Group 20 meetings stand as a pivotal opportunity for Tanzania to exhibit its prowess in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), our unwavering commitment to nurturing a digital economy will be furthered by these meetings," he stressed.

The ITU-T Study Group 20 sessions are poised to serve as a valuable forum for experts from across the globe to exchange knowledge and disseminate best practices related to latest advancements in IoT and smart cities. Furthermore, these gatherings are anticipated to yield a slew of new standards, catalysing the progress and widespread adoption of these transformative technologies.

Arusha-based ICT expert, Mr. John Mwaisoli, expressed his positive opinion on the meetings saying such sessions are an important opportunity for the country to learn from other countries and to share its own expertise in the field of IoT and smart cities.

"I am very pleased that Tanzania is hosting these important meetings," said Mr. Mwaisoli. "These meetings will help to accelerate the development of IoT and smart cities in Tanzania considering the fact that we have a representation of many experts in attendance and will also help to position the country as a regional leader in these areas," he added.

The meetings, under the coordination of Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority on behalf of the Government, were hosted at the Gran Melia Conference Centre in Arusha drawing participation from over 300 delegates hailing from various corners of the world and from 193 ITU members.

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