Tanzania yakabidhi Uwenyekiti wa Shirikisho la Taasisi za TEHAMA Afrika Mashariki (EACO) kwa Rwanda

Tanzania yakabidhi Uwenyekiti wa Shirikisho la Taasisi za TE...


The United Republic of Tanzania has officially handed-over the East African Communication Organisation (EACO) Chairmanship to the Republic of Rwanda.

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority’s (TCRA) Director General (DG) Dr. Jabiri K. Bakari clicked the Judges Button in Dar es Salaam recently to Officially hand-over of the EACO Chairmanship to his Rwandan Counterpart- Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority-(RURA).

The colourful event which has just ended was held virtually during the 24th EACO Congress hosted from Rwanda, when the out-going EACO Chairman Dr. Jabiri made a symbolic click of the Judge Button. EACO Members States Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan were involved in the Congress.

Out-going EACO Chairman, Dr Jabiri K. Bakari inaction with The Judges Button in symbolic hand-over of the Chairmanship to Rwandan Counterpart.

Dr. Jabiri expressed gratitude to the executive committee of EACO, EXCOM   for various progressive undertakings including expanded programmes and network in the last two years.

The Out-going EACO Chairman who is also the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Director General   Dr. Jabiri named some of the progress realised as an initiative to become a semi-autonomous body of EACO transformed into to become an EAC Institution.

After becoming EAC Institution, said Dr. Jabiri, the current EACO will have to be dissolved having new set-up of administrative processes that will serve as a technical-arm of the East African Community (EAC) Member States, hence being part of the key decisions to be reached by the Regional Body.

He thanked EACO Member States for various achievements realised that have Impacted good progress on communities in Members States including EACO ICT Capacity Building Programmes and harmonised E-waste Management System.

The Out-going EACO Chairman said the organisation had a set of operational programmes, including the Cyber Security Training in Tanzania and Digital Broadcasting Forum in Burundi that were postponed due to Corona Virus (COVID 19), pandemic.

The meetings of Congress and Assemblies included a High-level Round Table which that intended to reinforce the theme of the Congress and discuss current and future technologies and key issues in the Communication sector in the region with presentations from eminent speakers in the Regulatory Authorities and Communications industry.  

The Congress and its pre-events brought together about 200 delegates comprising of policy makers, legislators, regulators, operators’/services providers in the ICT sector, the academia and consumers of ICT services in the East African region.

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